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HYIPs - The Good & The bad

Any type of HYIP will certainly take every step to look attractive to you and me. It really takes a giant amount of research and a lot of luck to pick a winner. Bear in mind that the HYIP supporters are keen to confuse and issue, and deflect attention, but you can dig through the majority of that if you know exactly what youre searching for. Let me give you some examples of what to look for. Granted this isnt the holy grail of Hyip picking but Its a good starting point.

Games of possibility vs investments: There are hundreds of gaming websites on the internet, a bunch of them cost money to play. While there is definitely nothing wrong with the pay to play, they reallydont belong in thehi yield type investments field. They need to be identified, and thrown away whenever they seep in. HYIPs are not gambling sites or farmville.

Recyclers vs generators: A lot of HYIPs out there want to use the same sites reincarnated. While this may be ok, there are a lot of traps; a ton of scammers out there that are looking for the quick payday. Watch out for cookie cutter websites and cheap designs.

Short term vs long term: All HYIPs that provide excessively fast returns are usually doomed. Because of this, you should beware of the old make 350% in 3 days type projects. However, you will have to weigh the longterms as well, just really uncomfortable having your money tied up for 35 days without knowing that the project will pay you.

Real vs virtual money: A lot of the HYIPs pay your returns into your back officeaccounts, and tell you that the money is there, but they limit how you can get your hands on the money. Its pretty standard for them to do that, but you need to be aware that having the money in your back office and having the money in your payeer account are two different things.

Fixed interest vs variable return: As you most likely understandinterest is great. Although its typically not constant with real earning rates, it still raises a problem and sometimes complete failure in projects. The majority of the best HYIPs deal with this issue just by offering a low but steady return. There are a few of the good ones that weather the storm and continue to pay their investors.

With any type of HYIP, you need to always consider them to be evil until you have proof that gives you the warm and fuzzys. Dont get the wrong idea; there are a great deal of these out there that can be very good investments for you. Prior to you investing your cash, you just need to understand what youre up against.