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Hooplex latest news

The Hooplex hyip investment program has been very active recently since its opening and the launch Lexera international community of advanced technology administering of convertation and transaction of electronic and cryptocurrency on a single multicurrency core LexeraWay. Nearly every single day since February 5 the news has been posted on the website's newsline.

The latest news shows the photo report from the First Conference Lexera Banjarmasin, which was held at the Fave Hotel on March 27th. There is also a notification concerning the official Hooplex video now available in 6 languages. Following the links below, you may find the presentational video about Hooplex:

– English: https://youtu.be/mkMtSLHrv7k
– Spanish: https://youtu.be/fJRRYO_N0dc
– Vietnamese: https://youtu.be/XMF4Dfw3fM0
– Chinese: https://youtu.be/la6KREDNyBs
– Indonesian: https://youtu.be/VeBaCS212bA
– Portuguese: https://youtu.be/_bgnTsNLkMs

The global goals of Hooplex community as it's been reported have been created with the purpose of developing Lexera technology. The technology, which is constantly improved now includes the unique features such as:

– Connecting more than 400 Internet currencies and cryptocurrency to the multi-currency core.
– API – an open platform for developers – is instant connection of your wallet to a multi-currency core.
– Open access developers to multiplication programs.
– Connecting multi-currency buffer. Cryptocurrency transaction acceleration module to instant.
– Single multibank applications on LexeraGlobal platform.

13 cryptocurrencies and Perfect Money are already available in the multicurrency core. Now the Perfect Money payment system is available on the platform with the ability to deposit and withdraw fiat money.
Today, the development team is working to integrate as many different cryptocurrencies as possible into one platform. The geography of the project is growing every day; already 12 countries have supported our project and have begun to actively develop it: China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Portugal, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, Thailand.

Apr-7-2019 04:14:11 PM