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Bitcoin price increased by 15%

This morning, the price of Bitcoin has increased by more than 15%, as a result of the return of large players to cryptocurrency market. CoinMarketCap calculates the average price of more than 20 exchanges, and at the time of publication of the news price of Bitcoin jumped by about 15% per cent, which is 4,776 thousand dollars.
In less than an hour, the coin flew to its highest point in the last four months. Prior to this, for a long time, we observed the persistence of extremely low Bitcoin volatility.

If the current positive trend continues, this evening it can overcome the psychological threshold of $ 5000. Bitcoin's dominance index rose to 51.8%, although only a few days ago this figure could fall below 50%.

Some experts believe that investors began to buy bitcoins aggressively after well-known BTC financier and opponent, Warren Buffett, called on to buy this digital asset. Later it was reported that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allegedly approved the launch of Bitcoin-ETF crypto funds.

But then it turned out that this news turned out to be fake, running in the information field to cheer the players in honor of April Fools' Day. The latest message about the launch of Bitcoin-ETF could become a key driver for short-term growth of the coin, analysts say.

However, the fundamental values of Bitcoin were strengthened not so much due to the explosive fake news that appeared, but because of the increasing confidence of the players that BTC rally becomes an excellent form of capital preservation.

In addition to Bitcoin, there is also an increase in prices for other tokens. So, Ethereum rose by about 10%, Ripple by 8%, BCH by almost 14%, and so on. Details can be seen in the screenshot from CoinMarketCap above.

Apr-7-2019 04:15:53 PM