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GovBid released the update with the results achieved within the first month online, also giving impotant insights, each customer should be aware of. First of all, there is an update of the financial result widget, which us displayed in the left corner of the customers' accounts. It is now replaced with the set of currency-exchange & tracking tools. The program updated the list of accepted payment methods after the following payment systems have been added: Perfect Money & Payeer, as well as NEO, WAVES and TRON.

The first official representative has appeared in the project as TachiTeam, Monira Binta Ahsan and Huy Hoàng have been given this status with all advantages and privileges announced. Exchange Service Fee has been introduced. As you can fill up the available balance with multiple crypto-currencies and payment processors, all fiat rates are then to be converted into the $ (USD) value. Eventually, it may lead to a significant rate difference between a depositing payment processor, and the final withdrawing channel of your choice. The exchange fee is calculated from the fee base which includes positive transactions (deposit, bonus, revenue, referral) and negative transactions (withdrawal, penalty). Acquisition and sale of contracts are discarded because when a contract is purchased and then sold, there is no effect on the fee base, however, if a contract is still active, the negative operation Acquisition will reduce the fee base and assign an unfairly high exchange fee. The important thing is that such payments as revenue and referral rewards are never liable to exchange fee, no matter which payment system is being used.

GovBid updated customers on the issues that sometimes take place with the payout process. Most of the time payouts are processed automatically, however on certain occasions in order to secure the platform payments can be processed manually and hence take a bit longer time than expected. Partial manual payouts allow our Financial Department to perform numerous manual checks of activities of all users before the withdrawal request can be processed, yet sometimes it can take some time. Here at your attention are the most important notes concerning the payout process at GovBid:

– A maximum of 3 (Three) Pending Withdrawal requests is allowed.
– The Total Amount Requested is a part of the algorithm for the processing timer.
– $10-100 – Instant automatic withdrawal after 24 hours.
– $100-$1000 – Instant automatic withdrawal after 2 business days.
– $1000-$4,999 – Instant automatic withdrawal after 3 business days.
– $5000-$10,000 – Manual Checkup of 12 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.
– $10,000-$30,000 – Manual Checkup of 24 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.
– $30,000-$49,999 – Manual Checkup of 48 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.
– $50,000-$100,000 – Manual Checkup of 72 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.

To finish with the news report from the GovBid high yield investment project let us share some insights concerning the future updates and improvements planned at the project. New GB packages powered by all new Capital Lineups feature are to be added by the end of the week. Also there is a new and improved personal statistics going to be implemented. As reported earlier, the long-awaited mobile version of the website will finally become available. Native Localization Editor to empower customers within the community by providing an opportunity on becoming an official well-rewarded content translator is also the feature to be added in the nearest future.

Sep-14-2019 03:58:42 PM