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Govbid massive updates

Several massive updates have been delivered by the admin of GovBid investment program. First of all we are pleased to inform the completion of two months online. To mark this achievement a set of improvements has been introduced. It needs to be mentioned than Capital Lineups system introduced some days ago has mixed reactions. Some customers are enjoying it, others find it too hard to comprehend. With a view to suit the needs of every customer significant improvements to the system have been made.

It also needs to be mentioned that Passive Line package, which is a favorite among the majo1rity of members of the project, is now available for all players at G.B.P and it has 3 tiers. The 1st tier is automatically activated when your Available Balance reaches $1000. Up to 1% revenue is paid automatically on customers' balance once every 24 hours. The 2nd tier will create up to 1.7% of the revenue the Available Balance, and it's automatically triggered when your Account Balance reaches $3000.
The 3rd tier will create up to 2% revenue on the Available Balance and is automatically triggered when your available balance reaches $5000. It is also important to realize, in case the account balance amount goes below the amount required, the revenue stops being paid.

Another package designed to speed up withdrawals is the Prime Payouts package. The Prime Payouts package also includes three tiers, the details on which you can learn from the official website of GovBid investment opportunity. What is important is to know the minimum amount on the account balance to apply for the prime payout($500). Please mind that requesting withdrawals in the total amount that exceeds requirements for the tier will result in the reduced timers of the eligible tier's withdrawal requests. Apart from that the important feature is that all withdrawal requests made before activating the Prime Payouts package will have the same timers as prior to the activation.

Good news is also provided for foreign translators. GovBid announced the first paid contest with a starting budget of $15000 where each professional translator will be paid up to $1000 reward for a single language full-scale website localization. The best translators will have an opportunity to work on website localizations and may even be offered to continue working full-time as GovBid Community Staff Members.

Oct-15-2019 04:53:03 PM