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Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. LehmanCapital has issued the first newsletter recently, announcing some updates. The first one is a small weekly contest, according to which sending payment proof to the project's Telegram channel 10 randomly selected customers get 5USD bonus automatically. Apart from that the minimum withdrawal amount has been decreased to 3USD.

Hodium has successfully paid the 1st week bounty bonuses and now the 2nd week is running. Also the management of the project is asking for best ideas, suggestions on improving. The winners will be rewarded with 1 Ethereum each. The idea should be legitimate, detailed, not just a sentence with a couple of words.

BSFinance is a project listed at HyipNews for 80 days, has actually been on the market for about 630 days and continues to show excellent dynamics. Translations into French and Chinese languages have recently been added to the site; in the near future there are plans to add new localizations as well. A regional program for representatives has been launched as well.

Mizes continues to work stably even with sharp market fluctuations. Just a couple of days ago, three new cryptocurrencies (Zcash, Comodo, Horizen) have been integrated for mining on the Equihash algorithm.

For investors and partners from India, the administration of Yesss, listed at HyipNews for 970 days, has prepared a video presentation, fully voiced in Indian.

Capward Bull announced a new investment plan. These are the terms of the plan - 0.25% Per Hour For 29 Days (6% Daily). 0.25% Per Hour For 29 Days (6% Daily), Minimum: $2500, Get Paid 7 Days A Week, Get Withdrawals In ( 1- 2 Hours), Auto COMPOUNDING is enabled, Principal is returned after 29 days. Total ROI: 174% In 29 Days. Obviously, it's a very risky invesment pan with the minimum entry of $2500.

Oct-15-2019 04:56:30 PM