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Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. Hodium reminds its customers of the benefits from using the affiliate program for those, who are willing to earn direct commission of referrals' investment.

A regular affiliate commission 4-2-1% applies to all users registered, however if you have a creative mind and a skill set to promote our project locally or even on a global scale, then you should consider joining Representative Program from Hodium. As a Hodium Representative you would receive a multi-level earnings of 7-3-1% directly from your referrals deposit.

In order to become a representative, users are expected to have the ability to support and promote Hodium project locally and globally without any use of SPAM or other illegal promotion tools. Email applications should include username, country, past experience in field of cryptocurrency and, if any, creative ideas and collaboration opportunities. Application to support@hodium.zendesk.com

On October 15, the most long-term hyip Yesss, listed at HyipNews for 984 days, has celebrated 4 years since the birth of YESSS.CC! Exactly 4 years ago, on October 15, 2015, the online investment service was launched and all these years it pleased its customers with effective performance. The entire team of the project looks forward in the future there will be more stability and high profit for many years to come!

Cryptouniverse hyip investment project is taking into account the wishes of investors and taking various measures to improve and ease the work with the program. Over the past period, several functions have been added to the member area, minor flaws have been corrected and contract purchase block with the choice of the preferred payment method has been finalized.

Mizes is a stable project that has been paying for over 340 days. Over the entire period, more than $1,000,000 has been invested in the project, the administration is doing a great job of fulfilling its responsibilities and is constantly working to improve the project. Many users have received up to 1000% profit for the entire time of work, i.e. had the opportunity to increase their investments in 10 times the size - decent result.

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