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Latest hyip news digest december 16 2019

Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. Cryptouniverse added two new attractive contracts Beginner (for 6 months) and Nighty (for 1 year with mining only at night) for investment. Both tariffs are interesting in their own way, accessible to everyone,. Everyone can read the details of the contracts on the project's website.

Motherwallet completed 50 days online. Most members have already managed to return about half of the amount of deposits since the project's start. The other day, a DDoS attack was ordered for the project, because of which they encountered temporary delays in payments. At the moment, all withdrawal requests have been processed, we continue to work.

As reported by Mizes according to an anonymous survey by the Norwegian telegraph bureau, interest in mining has increased significantly since 2017. 94% of users surveyed rated Mizes as the best cryptocurrency mining company in 2019, which is claimed to prove the company's advantage in the market.

Webtokenprofit released update for the mobile application - Web Token Pay, which is available in the Play Market. After the update the interface can be changed into Russian. Also now, before sending a transaction, you can choose the size of the commission.

Dec-20-2019 01:04:04 PM